Some film reviews

The world of film is something i do not have an active interest in so these posts come when they do.  Mind you with cinema being a jewish ghetto one wonders what a boycott of there future products* might have if international audiences stayed out of the cinema which is a prime metric of profit before holllywood accounting turns everything into a failure which drives copyright law.

As most of the films i see on dvd and probably did not get more than one cinema showing at 9am on a monday morning** your going to have a hard time finding these in a cinema.

Anyhow with subject matter becoming politically  ‘un-filmable’ and anti israeli views a blacklist-able crime for the professionals I think makes them an industry with a problem so lets all hope you still like comic films in ten years time – or thats another five or so reboots of spiderman.

That means these sort of posts do get kicked into this blogs reschedule future, after all there is no rush as it is on dvd.

upstreamUpstream color

(imdb: tt2084989) is a file with an interesting director (my blog) and is an independent film maker/ Stunning

5/5 Bananas

The Deep

thedeep2010Hails from Iceland and is imdb: tt1764275 by Baltasar Kormákur which i had never head of of both so if like me you had no idea about this then your not alone.

It is about a fishing boat and to put you off even more is subtitled, yes that means no superheroes.  It is a must see as well.

1/5 bananas  although this does not play on microsoft windows drm. so loses 4 bananas in the rating

The Grand Budapest Hotel

tt2278388imdb: tt2278388 also appeared to not get a cinema release and is full of dialogue and worthy of star cast who cannot get jobs in superhero hollywood.

3/5 bananas

If those are ‘never heard of’ then ….


lockoutimdb tt1592525 is a film i missed at the cinema and on dvd and i am glad i waited until it arrived on a fta television. it is a scenery chewing film and is not a sequel or a comic book.

0/5 bananas

* if sequels and remakes count.  ** some of us have to sex chickens

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