The shock of the fall,Natham Filer

oh no

isbn: 9780007491452 reads well for a book from top ten bestsellers land*.  Matthew is a nine year old old with a dead brother called Simon who has downs syndrome and is for some reason the cause of a strange family issue.

Matthew grows up and does a mother load of weed** and then ‘sees’ Simon.  ‘Problems’ are just then detected and family start to begin to fix there problems which Matthew has.  Not sure if Matthew’s ‘genius’ is a label to be banded about.

Written by a mental health nurse this has an extra perspective. Although (not being a doctor) i thought downs syndrome patients suffer from limited lifespans as organs fail so an untimely end is statistically due..

4/5 bananas reminds me a little of wallflower (my blog)

* a strange country that i dont usually visit ** home schooled too, with a lack of parental intervention. a discussion on the strength of drugs or legalisation is not for comment although a debate on is worthwhile.

by golly but...

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