slow genre

steamBananas had the opportunity to see a mainstream genre tv program via catch up.

It was deadly slow and even a goldfish could have watched it  To me it was painfull.

It took me two weeks to see just 45 minutes via catchup.. Humans….. however some non retard in tv commissioning land eventually had a thought that not all viewers are goldfish and rather than simply boring me to death with pretty scenes actually had a point and a story.

It is a shame that retards have to catered for in mainstream television but i am back to the retards and demographics argument best said with the world ‘Nielsen’ and it seems there is a cure for that although not everybody has got the message in media.

The only problem was that it was scheduled at 00:00 on television no wonder it took me two years and a new television set (my blog) to see, although i had heard of it.


by golly but...

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