Professor holidaying at home [or how abta is shit]

lost_touristAbta is a name found in adverts from airlines to package holidays including those web booking portals (my blog) Professor here from the zoo found out his holiday company thing went bankrupt and so begins a tale of colour pdf’s, copies of bank statements and other stuff.

Nobody from abta told professor that he was not going, somebody told him through the word of mouth of thing, and it would have been likely that professor would have gone to an airport and then found out at the last moment.

A week later and the address that the form said it should have gone was ‘wrong’ and so the form was returned by somebody in abta where another envelope and stamp should send it to the right department.  Another envelope and stamp and he later told to claim it on the banks.

Abta is an good idea but somehow knowing how it works seems to make it a more human arrangement.

OK it is not like professor is stranded in an area with ebola but for ‘future’ travellers it offers little help.

by golly but...

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