Star Trek:TOS a complete rewatch

tosremasterThe original series [tos] was remastered for more recent televisions (my blog) and a freeview channel had it I watched it once i aware of it.

It was slightly better but definety not worth buying.

Season 1 remains the best, and the other two go downhill extremely fast and become the kirk,spock and mccoy show, i you have read any of these (my blog) then you know why the lesser cast lost there words.

Seasons two and three look a little dated but are funny.  Spocks Brain considered the worst ever episode is a comedic delight with

brain what is brain

also the abba like prog rock costumes.  Its easy to see who Roddenberry slept with as Diana Muldaur and Majel Rodenberry kept popping up.

Star Trek mostly survives intact and the improvements to the outside images and sound track make it still watchable, although the inside bits are not that improved. Its descent into wagon trail to the stars is unfortunate with the more western style stories because that is what 1960’s america watched on television according to then tv channels.

However Trek has lasted in comparision to others* despite its studio and television biases and neilsons use of retards watching television.  So there is something that the shows after it failed to capture.

Its easy to criticise but doing this stuff and keeping it watchable is a hard trick to pull off most of the time.

* buck rogers anybody

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