Its a scam – free international television, but linode, and amazon happily host it.

boredBananas was bored one saturday afternoon when one of those spam emails hit the monkey houses general mail address email which is us asktheapes@zoo okay. So send your questions in!

It was offering free international tv somehow without hardware or electricity so magic!.

You know Rwandan genocide game shows such as killthetootsie (Wikipedia) and stuff like that.  So i googled it rather than sending it off to spamcop asap who would send it to be ignored by linode and amazon ec2 platform which has more crooks than clients (my blog) after all Jeff Bezo’s needs the crooks cash.

I have had these emails before and it looks very spammy, however i did not know how it worked but being bored i can reveal now that for a one time fee of $us 50.00 you get a microsoft app – useless for linux which we use which apparently finds the stuff already out there for free.

notbutterAha i hear** you think.

Although the $49.99 fee is not mentioned until you click on the link.

Just so i am not making this linode and amazon stuff up here are some email headers that point to linode.

client-ip=;;; receiver=zoo 
Received: from ( [])
Received: from David (unknown [])
From: "David" <>

Anyhow is a variant of one of many domain names happily host via ec2 which you all know i think is run by sub normal retards if you read the links.

chainsawMind you murderthehutu sounds a bit crap although i heard chainsaws* can be used at the end in the current series on rwandian tv but it sounds a bit boring after one episode..

I would unsubscribe but as i did not sign up, and seriously doubt that it be acted on and probably would be seen as a further confirmation of yes the monkey house likes crap email.  So it went to spamcop.

It is sort of interesting to see the scam and who helps them.  What you do and think is your own business but you know what i think.

* death by combine harvester is better. ** not really

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