don’t trust don’t fear don’t beg, Ben Stewart

whalewarisbn:97811783350773 is a book that needs extra commas. Anyhow the first problem is an attack of loviedom in the form of celebrity weirdos like that vegetarian beetle (my blog), and Gary Shteyngart (my blog).  Expect others if your able to see the cover before you get it which is sign of problems which as a library using person i had no advance warning of.

This is about greenpeace and an russian oil platform. So one side are villains.  Anyhow some insight might be found on Putins happy land (my blog).

The aims of greenpeace are a little odd in respect to these people (my blog) quite why oil is ok and also its ok to slaughter whales is a question that you will have to ask them not me.

Eventually the Russians board the ship which inspired this book so it is debatable that it was the wrong thing to do as it made its way from fish and chip wrapping story  (easily forgotten) to something more substantial.


Putins many tricks

Mind you From Putins perspective it seems to have put a stop to Greenpeace in Russia either the media are not interested, or boarding oil rigs is not happening.

The portrait of the russian penal system seems to be mired in preconceived ideas.  Just because you may have done something does not mean you keep doing it.

This is a book perhaps that should be read in the style of you had to be there.

Overall Russia is a petro state (my blog) so when the ngo and putin meet there will be consequences something nobody thought that might happen shows a total lack of foresight on greenpeace thinking.

Overall an odd book 1/5 bananas.

by golly but...

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