A linux bias, and the snowden factor



I read that the snowden (my blog) revelations has apparently cost the us $8 billion and this brings me to my hunt for a dns provider.

However you can also argue that by giving snowden the evidence somehow this would have come to the attention of the rest of us.

So Bush and his private contracting pals (that’s Booze Allen, with an admiral on management and Dell) who both hired Snowden cost somebody eight billion, Snowden was not a civil servant or government employee.

Anyhow due to a weird mishap (correct at my end) i noticed that an open source project hosting* had a microsoft front end despite three of the four servers located outside of the us i feel that there is a weak point here is with microsoft use, not that a thing of many is sat in the us after all even americans use dns.

Somehow it feels wrong to support microsoft by using them even via a third party is a tactic way of making the many microsoft wrongs (my blog) a right.  I think i can do better.

I might forgive a firm that has a windows desktop, but ‘servers’ is a no.

Balmer has a legacy and it hurt both microsoft and the firm with the bad servers.  misconfigured or otherwise

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft

Who is the worse of the two – Steve Balmer did more bad then Snowden did if you ask me.

* i need geographic spread something i dont have, open source on windows is possible but not as good as on gnu

by golly but...

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