posh tv versus free to air tv

truedetecttrue detective (my blog) was something i saw on dvd.  It was a bit of slog but ultimately a worthy eight hours of entertainment, so the dvd was passed to rest of the monkey house.

It looks good even without ‘hdmi’* (obsolete formats my blog) so that validated one choice.

The rest of the apes progress with it is slow, ok so i was motivated to sit through two four hour sessions, in three days two episodes have been seen.

So i wonder since i dont really watch a lot of this television I wonder if the people who pay to get these channels actually watch the stuff.  If they dont then is not cable television then just a statement of waste? I saw it dvd being a non cable tv person.

I enjoyed it but not at the cost most paid for it via a tv subscription service.

Eventually the rest of monkey house realises its rather good and it appears it will be seen to the end.

* not gold plated for the audio freaks (my blog)


by golly but...

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