Debian 8.0 niggles and Debian 8.1 release in the wild

jesseIn the original release  not much and should be easily resolved by now releasesd 8.1 release. I upgraded (my blog) so many of these issues are of my own making

  1. anacron has a broken python script – one time event – see /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index in the later section.
  2. /dev/shm is populated when running x as startx  – rkhunter monitors it
  3. mailgraph (still useful imho) tries to exec css for you one for logfile watchers and easily fixed
  4. apt/Apache2 dpkg: error processing package libapache2-reload-perl (–configure):777 happens all the time
  5. cyrus imap has no pop3d command not that i used it and it might be ancient in my context since i am lazy and have been running imap for a decade.
  6. the cyrus imap bdb errors (my blog) are related to /var/imap which i dont use as a mail store. – ignorable
  7. p0f-analyzer can not handle a pid like it did in wheezy say –pidfile /var/run/p0f i had to remove it – might be my handling but it worked in wheezy like that

systemctl enable foo.service will help with scripts that work but do not init on boot up – yes you postgressql server of which more further down

In 8.1

  1. apt/Apache2 dpkg: error processing package libapache2-reload-perl (–configure):777 happens all the time
  2. amavis seems to not reload every 24 hours – an observation from the change although a week plus online it seems to reload daily.
  3. cups [printers] got an update and we have an ancient ‘word processing*’ computer running debian 5 which can print to debian 8 but then stopped working.
  4. /lib/systemd/systemd –user does not seem to run once and quit when i ran command from a non root account – days later i killed the process.
  5. Postgres works and apparently i am running a 9.4 server with 9.1 config files. I won’t have that oracle crap on the box, you all know it.  Had to do a systemctl enable postgresql once again which failed on a reboot. So although it says 9.4 server the command systemctl enable postgresql@9.1-main.service actually loads.  Another test to do on the next distant reboot.
  6. /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index is the python issue from 8 above see 1
  7. cron.daily/spamassassin does not like reload so that is a botched init.d to systemd connvert  – I usually call sa via amavis, not daemon although i testing the /etc/default/spamassasin.dpkg jessie file as i came from wheezy.    The jessie file seems to be more compatible with systemd.
  8. failtoban i reconfigured with the debiin 8 defaults since i thought the thing was not working for email.
  9. cups with hplip sucks monkey balls on x, i have a foomatic (cheap hp laser that needs drm) and x will ask to download the firmware all over again.  remote printing works just fine.
  10. My sdcard reader (a cheap usb thing) works in 8 like it did in 7 on the rare occasion i use it.

Nothing serous.

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