Monkey business with an electronic toothbrush

smile !

smile !

Bananas visited the vet dentist (my blog)  and got the usual lecture about getting around to buying a electric toothbrush rather than the manual stick* i use.

The question i decided to not ask was which electric toothbrush. There is the basic one, the mid range one and the one the tv screen thing.

So being sort of semi interested in this i start hunting, then i hit big problems as speed, function and everything else mega confuse me.  There is the 2d clean and the 3d clean.  I was disappointed that i could not get a 4d cleaner**

In the end i gave up and next year i will ask a proper question about what is a good toothbrush with revolutions, features and everything else.  Some of the ‘advanced*** things i don’t need and seem to assume at least 2.4 monkeys and a dog per monkey house.

picardAnyhow so maybe next year or something as i am not getting a shit one and want to go through the motions of getting the a good one in a years time by an ‘expert’. who tells me i bought the wrong thing.

I am sticking with a monkey powered stick in the meantime.  So if you sell / make electric toothbrushes expect me to do something within the next two years

* not about cars ** time machine ? *** no time machine included.

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