sneering at the other lot [politics]

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman

There is not a lot of difference between the major parties (my blog) but afterwards the hate from the losers towards the voters seems unreasonable.

Please note i voted green so neither red or blue got my vote so i am not being one sided or sneering.

But divisive and unlikeable both mainstream parties come across as sore losers afterwards and so deserving for losing.  I mean how dare the public not vote for the ‘right’ candidate being the one that lost and that they have no disagreement with.

I am glad that political types hate the scottish for voting snp, after all the labour party opened that bottle ten or so years ago.  Even my lot got blame by failed ppe’s for voting green even though they would have still lost.

On the other side people who voted ukip in some very pro labour areas when they might have not voted conservative seemed to not get that abuse from the labour types shows something is up and perhaps they are wrong on policy.

outrageWhinge they both might about losing but they set the rules and mood but i see no reason to vote for the reds or the blues now after all both red and blue had the opportunity to reform voting but did nothing.  I like my choice so bitch all want failed Oxbridge ppe’s .

All that money for a ppe (my blog) and then no job.  That’s an outrage*

* joking

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