one of us,Asne Seierstad


mad us postal worker

isbn: 9781844089192 is about Anders Breivik who is described as a lone terrorist however something seems wrong about that as i assume terrorists are groups of likewise people, either independent like eta in Spain or funded by a state say Pakistan comes to mind and with the irish the Americans funding them for a second example.  Saudi Arabia needs no help here associating with the noble cause either.

Its good for the security theatre industry, but i would go with crazy person rather than terrorist as i think of groups not single individuals.

It begins with a bonkers family and the fact that spray paint is cheaper in Denmark than in Norway.  He veers from left wing to right wing in politics and starts selling fake diplomas – Breivik reminds me of Robert Soloway, (my blog) who has dual american / swedish nationality,

Mail order russian brides, and freemasonry also are tried before his fake diploma business is shut down and ‘writing’ books becomes the thing.  So not a pillar of the community (my blog).

The farm comes next and some homemade bomb making and with guns we know what happened next.

His associations seem to come to nothing but it is interesting to see the people trying to make them stick along with the usual computer games culprit (my blog) that the usual suspects are desperate to prove.

Overall he is guilty and whether you think him mad, or a lone terrorist who knows a funny handshake.

4/5 bananas.


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