Coming in hot, bbc funding.

The bbc is a threat to Rupert Mudoch (my blog) i would also note that Murdoch and his family also broke the commercial tv early digital tv platform so Murdoch with help from the metropolitan police and they are not below dirty tricks.

So when the bbc foes talk of ‘quality’ they just mention sherlock, and dr who for the crime of being popular.

bit of competition

bit of competition

Dr who is a thing that the bbc actually do not make a great deal of although the perception is that there appears to be more.

Sherlock is even rarer, the rest of the output does not even merit discussion and with the closing of bbc three i dont see edgy comedy or new talent like the bloke in that bbc1 series who had a scythe and could not afford a shirt who did some stuff on bbc three before it is closed down.

If you judge the bbc alone by expensive drama then yes that’s a hard place not to defend but the remainder of the best (lets call it 95%) has issues.  So don’t ever judge the bbc by sherlock or dr who alone as those are looked down on by the bbc (my blog) as it is not a downtown abbey clone which is made by somebody else which is probably being thought about by the bbc.

It’s kind of strange that no commercial tv maker would not consider making sherlock until the bbc made one despite the fact that its not exactly new or dr who despite the latter coming from a commercial tv employee at the bbc some fifty years ago.

A conclusion you might reach from this is that if you ever work for a pay television company with adverts or subscribers then a career with the bbc should be off limits.

It is not my place to criticise television employees who work for Murdoch but cannot think up ideas that bbc might have had i mean who would have thought ballroom dancing would have been huge once again.

moranRemember twelve dr who and one sherlock (thats thirteen episodes) of two shows is not the only judgement of the bbc that can be made. If you do so then your retard.

There is room for reform and a strong bbc could exist if you accept that it could do better and that even sky (owned by rupert murdoch) clearly dont have a risk taking culture.

I hate rupert murdoch, but even i think the bbc could be better,

by golly but...

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