Violated: a shocking and harrowing survival story from the notorious Rotherham abuse scandal , Sarah Wilson


ambassadors of child sex

isbn: 9780008141264 by Sarah Wilson sounds the sort of thing i have to read after here (my blog) and ask some questions.  Despite it being daily mail friendly or a best seller in chav circles.

Class might come into the post as it did with the hogwarts ‘missing’ kids (my blog).  Another stark contrast is why Megan Stammers [now Williams] (my blog) was treated very differently.

In the age long ago* when policewomen blogged (my blog) not all are equal and if your a habitual one then that might explain part of the contrast but not all if others in civil servant land intentionally dont do stuff to protect children either for reasons of incompetence or being called racist.

So with some background and the assumption that this will not be reviewed in the guardian lets start.

It begins with poverty, an interesting family and a heart condition not before long school is something of a chore with some added expulsions (my blog), and drinking ‘homebrew’ alcohol** and drugs by twelve.

After a few encounters with the police she was written off and being that this might be perceived as racist – nobody in the majority elected labour party gave a stuff either despite colourful language being shouted in the street by locals and hints by both mp’s and stories in the the press later..

lalalaInterestingly enough the data protection act which is a thoroughly useless law and department (my blog) gets an outing when the police refused to look at 177 asian ‘johns’ i suppose i could use the word paedophiles as well

Anyhow what this says about muslim integration or ‘british Pakistani’ multicultural life (my blog) is something for the politicians to think about although they wont but will complain about right wing parties which um is absolutely nothing to do with them or the decisions they made.

Expect an alcohol and drugs binge, one hot race issue potato, and death from muslim honor so Rotherham has it all.

An easy read (no hard words) and straight from the horses mouth 3/5 bananas

* before acpo said they could not, ** non branded

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