hbo, comcrap, cable, mba’s and net neutrality

netflixBananas reads that hbo is going non cable but not in places where it could find a market.  It is a start but shows how dumb slow copyright is.  Since i don’t like Rupert Murdoch (my blog)  then both hbo owners can stuff themselves.

You know if look in the right places (my blog) you can rent the dvd of the series no additional crap, just the the item.

Murdoch was also banking on net neutrality failing until well comcastify.js and online presence over money turned that into a toxic issue.

One might think middle men like broadcasters are very 1980’s thinking and doing it yourself is plausible.  It will be interesting to see when those ‘mba’ geniuses get it.

Here is what I do not understand about mbas with there monopolies only idea as they are

  • anti business and markets
  • easy for nsa spying
  • reeks of government
  • its just video

Is it me or are mba holders plain retarded imagine having to bribe politicians to your way of thinking.  Mind you innovative thinking and mba’s is a logic flaw.  Perhaps comcrap (comcast) and mba’s are frightened that the consumer knows best and so hate the idea of competition after being anti consumer  – after all in a monopoly who cares about happy customers.

by golly but...

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