A visit to a cinema

Bananas visited a cinema, and saw a film. That is a post for yet another day but the customers in the cinema where vile so lets muse of that for now. Oh the I last time I went to a cinema prior was over six months so no i have not seen that film you just saw.

coughThe cinema was

  • hot (i don’t have heating on in may, – january maybe) and no i was not wearing a coat
  • the people behind me kept there mobile phones on (fake coughing does not change it we know what a phone sounds like) – when you cough to tune of the sound when it happens then you might make me doubt you – hint for you who do this
  • There was a constant murmuring and coughing from a bunch of kids

I am glad i don’t do that on a regular basis.  Mind you i got the ticket free and still thought that wisdom of crowds was somehow lacking.  Makes netflix (my blog) seem a good deal.


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