The missing future

a11c2aa48db94e3b9a26476b1b324f18The future is a strange thing to predict.  At times it seems as if its going backwards.   Examples include where is your personal spaceship, and if go back further to the 1960’s we are even losing bbc three, but lucky bbc four still remains.  Hal will be happy.

rudiGenerally things do get better and the trend seems right but those futurists do get horridly enthusiastic.

I wonder if the future is lacking ambition, or the systems like capitalism fear it after all you buy to rent ebook’s not own them and pay again for an updated version is not the future being subverted by economists and copyright crooks..

Mind you even when astronauts have to play golf on the moon * (my blog) rather than do exploration stuff

I want that future even though most of you it seems dont.

* perhaps they met (my blog) and got scared ?

by golly but...

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