the untrendy barbecue

dontcallmecrazyBananas reads that the gas fired bbq is untrendy, and burning wood is now ‘in’ and also known as the burner


for the smoke

Implements required (new) are a syringe (i have no idea why you need one instead of a golden spatula [my blog] – liquid meat?) and probably a gas mask on the odd day in the uk when most of human population deems it ok to lets cook outside day*

Gas is controllable and has advantages that trendy people** don’t realise but then again if your wise enough to be trendy and spend £200+ on a metal drum with apparent special scented mixed woods i read then good luck to you.

Trends – sigh

* tuesday and friday in the spring and summer here in the zoo and other days, you may need an umbrella – less for the average human ** one bbq a year

by golly but...

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