The sixth extinction,Elizabeth Kolbert

deerisbn: 9791408851241 is an interesting book inn which words such as extinction are dated to 1800 – three hundred years ago, and that other concepts such as the dinosaur asteroid theory happened in the 1980’s.

The older stuff influenced Darwin’s ideas on evolution. Sort of proves that the average retarded bible thumper is still thinking about raping Darwins female family members as what happened to Galileo’s daughter (my blog) maybe in another six hundred years they might apologise*.

Then its missing poisonous frogs, biosphere two (not here) considered a failure but an the interest in global warming modelling.  The book backs up this with locations.

Then its on to diversity and and admission that not all is known.  Overall an interesting read.

3/5 bananas.

* Priest rape,Based on the Galileo apology of the Catholics in 1990, not of the daughter

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