Prison Diaries,Denis McShane


needs a home

isbn: 9781849547628 is one of the duck house scandal mp’s (my blog) that are reviled for there creative use of getting you to pay for houses for ducks and other stuff. However McShane never had a duckhouse.

I am sure not all mps are corrupt and expenses are incurred but a duck house is not something many people must have in order to have an office say a rubbish bin.

This is not a book you want to buy and since my copy came from a library with a note to say

Pages between 179 and 195 have been wrongly bound All the pages are here in the following order 178.181.182, 179,180,185, 186,183,184.189.190,187,188,193,194,191,192,195.

jellyfishGood luck comrades.  Anyhow this is not Mr McShanes fault who is the author but his tireless work as an anti racist who just happened to get his figures wrong.

Anyhow since its a conspiracy of all the nasty people* I mean how dare they.

The book itself is a little vague of the scheme that sent him to prison but McShane seems to have had the best intentions and as the only mp so treated this way seems odd mind you the line between legal and illegal is one of those things.

I actually quite like Dennis McShane who for the bad has at least been lot more honest than Jack Straw (my blog) and other labour politicians in places like Rotherham (my blog) although other mp’s have thrown him under the bus for being out of the loop as the scandals developed later.

At times this this a comical read, although incompetence rather than the malice is assumed that the author does bang on about.

Well worth it – 5/5 bananas read in a evening

* Dennis McShane nasty ** yes i have a picture of Jellyfish here

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