Microsoft – killed by secure boot and hardware

stevebalmerSteve Balmer as an ex Microsoft employee, with sco-x all but failed (my blog) as a microsoft play [i guess finally suing ibm does not help] It seems that doing hardware with select vendors that did not sell defeated our master chair thrower.

Anyhow hardware and microsoft where never good with the xbox had melting solder problems which is the red ring problem.

Secure boot [a form of drm] must also be seen as fail point as when the linux community (think sco-x) kept find bugs in secure boot then clearly there are problems in having select hardware providers who clearly cant or wont do it in a workable fashion.  I mention that toshiba laptops become bricks if you attempt a reinstall of a microsoft product with secure boot.

As you might expect i am no fan of them and think it is a great shame that such a talented idiot was not allowed to wreck the firm even more.

Be missing you Steve


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