Televsion spiderman of the 1970’s and the world of today

spidermanSpiderman is old, re imaged, rebooted and apparently still a marketable commodity despite a reboot every two/three films. One could argue that the big two family mainstream comics publishers are probably better with the Disney demographic than Disney are.

However i like 1970’s tv spiderman which comes with porn film type music, definitely too much sunshine for new york and Nicholas Hammond,  It is very 1970’s with radioactive spiders rather than dna spiders or gene alterations that i read that newer spiderman had issues with.

The special effects are crude but they don’t matter but the science does in the early episodes,  Here is where the nuclear plots, meddling in other countries things comes in and is strangely prescient with the Osama bin ladin and his Saudi funded pals (my blog) pals of today

Later episodes replace science for action and like all superheroes it diminishes with weaker plots and dumb people who have never heard of probability.

its strange that 1970’s threats still dominate security services as issues rather than modern issues.

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