Greek mythology

Herodotus man with beach towel

Herodotus man with beach towel

isbn:9789609748001 is an interesting read and as i do not know that much about it it reads oddly similar to christian myths.

These lot (plural opposed to singular) are petty, violent and model human behaviour.   In fact the same tricks are used (my blog). Aspirational is also trait with second homes.

The problem is when the myths expand, and the half god and human combinations but with a propaganda wing and builders you can why greek royalty found them usable.

So from gods of the planets to man of the wines they go from being things you might see to that man who gave you a plant.  An indication that greeks wised up to stuff.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Battlestar Galatica watchers (my blog) including me will also find out a bit more about pythia who was a master of publicity.  Good old sissypus even serves as a warning to royals.

That probably is where a clash of religion and rulers began to have stress points (my blog).

3/5 bananas.



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