Old things and art house netflix

bsgbacI saw blood and chrome (my blog) via youtube, it was lens flarish on netflix it was less so but still not very good.

Another blast from the past was the Magdalene Sisters (my blog) that is a hard watch but well worth seeing so the quality and execution of the idea still count regardless of ‘format’ and presentation.

senerityFirefly (my blog – browncoats) was a brief revisit and something that could have been good but got messed about with after some television person really did not get wagon train to the stars, which you might know as star trek.  Its best to explore the new rather than stuff i done before but useful for me as a guide to if i have a bias.

instellarLars von Trier (my blog) makes some interesting films but i could not get into Nymphomaniac that was also on my library list and my discovery that there is a part 2 soon made me think to have a rethink

I can handle long films if in the mood and it will be interesting to see if cinema will show them or they end up here for profitability reasons for being too long for cinema’s – even profitable directors are not immune to the charge of it is a long film.   I might have a second go with Trier in the future.

I did a search for Japan and blue is the warmest colour came up and did not see much relevance of the search DVD is better for me with japan.  I think netflix has a future despite that minor point i raise.

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