unmissable* cinema

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceBananas was watching one of those film trailers not in a cinema where all of the plot was displayed in two minutes in which the press had tagged along the lines of so bad its good.  I thought it looked rubbish, so i had a spare ninety minutes to write this..

The alpha here at the zoo wanted to see an Australian film it was only on at 18:00 one day, it was not seen.

At a time where cinema has a choice between events like opera,theatre  and schedules are being set two years in advance by blockbusters i am wondering if the cinema industry cannot support non blockbuster films even if they come with home grown marketing gongs (my blog) even from within it’s own ranks.

I am glad its not my problem mind you our professors cinema is currently closed awaiting extensive renovation and a new owner so it seems blockbusters dont sell everywhere.

* i am being sarcastic.

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