The absolutely true diary of a part time indian, Sherman Alexie

nativeisbn: 9781783442010 is one of those top ten censored books by americans who ‘never censor’, and also amusingly was a book advertised as censored by my library service however it was not loanable. see americans censor, but you cant read it – That is irony (my blog) for you.

Anyhow a couple of years go by and and as an ever now self sustaining as a something americans might censor because of the children  its ‘censored thing’ means i actually find a loanable copy from my library system.  Its not fast it takes a couple of weeks.

Anyhow its suppression by american’s says something about there insecurities which i kind of allude to here (my blog).


sarah palin

5/5 bananas americans are easily shocked.  But a worthy read but who am i to tell americans that ?

It’s taken me at least five years to write this blog entry so i am not sure who the winner is closed minds, bureaucracy or freedom perhaps you have an insight i dont have.  I thought it worth a read.

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