more weird logic from the copyright lobby

retardBananas has many problems with the copyright lobbies logic like extending copyright and then asking the public for money (my blog) to save there product that clearly they could not give a stuff about despite extending the life of the item in question.

If you gave money to the above then your a retard.

Another shining example of there logic is found on reddit where it was suggested by some film lover that by seeing a remake of a film already made would mean more original non remake/sequels films might be made if x number of retards went to a cinema.

That is bonkers.  Ham really must be a colour in film making circles.

secretTake these examples of coming attractions i had already seen in some previous form or heard of.

  1. mad max of which somebody wrote what happened to the sun creme factories (actually i read this) at the end of the world and that somebody suggested that this was an original despite being a remake (reddit) and would encourage non remakes – go figure the wtf
  2. something (my blog) with dinosaurs in again
  3. I cannot remember the other although i knew of it when i saw it
what the f**k is Bagatelle

what the f**k is Bagatelle

I have also missed jupiter rising (a dvd thing here in the future not on in a local cinema on release) and saw a funny parody trailer of it and so i thought that most of these films do not have a lot going for them.

Its odd that a film parodied for being ‘new’ is ripe for abuse where dinosaurs and the burning question of cinema audiences is dude where the fuck is the sun cream shop at the end of world.

by golly but...

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