Cryptonomicon & snow crash,Neal Stephenson – a reassessment.

tube recycle those 1's and 0's

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

isbn: 0380973464 is a book i have reread several times, and i have yet to blog it.   Generally speaking i prefer the authors early works as quicksilver (a saga about pirates and early mathematicians round the world and stuff i did not like a book trilogy that went over three books).  and the diamond age [young ladies illustrated primer – my blog] isbn: 014027037x is something worth a read.

I also had a copy of command line which had some interesting thoughts in that came true in 2001.

The later books vary a bit as you see (my blog) and here (my blog) – however some the offshoots are innovative.

Cryptonomicon is a large book of 900 pages and is most readable  even better than reamd for technical stuff, and anathem falls into the atmospherics traps of ye olde worlde saga as in quicksilver before monks start building spaceships and stuff.

Set in telecoms land, and the recent issues of snowden (my blog) this multi generational saga  follows families on a worldwide trip  and is a good read for not straying into the guess the past eras of swords, monks and all that.  It message that governments cant be trusted seems to hold valid today.

5/5 bananas

Snow crash (isbn 0140232923) is set in a privatized america and i prefer this to any type of william gibson writing (my blog)  has themes of the above Stephenson books and is an ok read, it is work in progress

3/5 bananas shows early promise

by golly but...

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