A meta ‘hour’ (or in which i learn about immersion heater problems over and over again)

Bananas was in the chrome browser (my blog) without an adblock when video adverts came to be the topic of the day for here  Yes exciting ! immersion heaters really are deserving of your eyeballs.

This is a flash issue for me, rather than the advert and flash in firefox (my blog) crashes my linux kernel at a certain size in firefox that is how bad adobe is at writing software.  Anyhow that explains the chrome use as it does not crash being built in the the browser which has a name like peppermint

The first problem is that the many of the adverts repeat and a song with the monkey rapist (my blog) and another pop star called swift sometimes got four plays all in the same loop, once was enough to convince to buy neither on itunes which linux does not support as far a si know.  So i will not be helping to buy another monkey for a pop star to abuse/rape.

smile !

smile !

So how do i get to immersion heaters ? well don’t ask me i am just a consumer here.

However I do like the idea that teenagers or preteens are also in the market as immersion heater repair services market as offered by m k electrical which is based in Milton Keynes which is a new town between london and birmingham which is famous for being a rupert murdoch no go zone, and an amazon warehouse near the m1.

The video for heaters is much longer than the one with the monkey rapist or the other pop star is selling insurance and things like water level indicators that you may not have, the electrical configuration so you get cheaper hot water via switching at night to a lower rate are explained in the general term.

christia absintence requires a monkey to rape

christian absintence requires a monkey to rape

It then pointed out the faults that builders do when they wrongly install gelding heaters wrong either with no visual means to inspect it or fail to plumb the item into the water plumbing. If they also simplify the wiring then the heater either burns out or  is expensive to run due to the wrong circuit/metre getting used.

Informative ! and to make sure i got the message these experts will fix them the same day  if you ring before 10 am.  You have nine hours and fifty five minutes to ring them when i post this, so what are you waiting for* ?  If your reading this after 10am then you have a problem.

immersionAlas we do not have a gledhil immersion heater and i got this extremely educational video about ten times which runs to several minutes each time some as long twenty minutes.

The next morning my isp kindly emailed to say that the monkey houses usage quota hit a level advising us that while i might now know about the possible problems of gelding immersion heaters in the wild it came at at cost.

The anime was not that good undeserving of a blog post, but the heater unit now that’s worth blogging about.

Should you also be fascinated by the relationship of immersion heaters to teen ‘pop’ stars** or there sexual activities with monkeys then there might just be an academic paper in this.

The moral to this is something you can all think on.  I came to the conclusion that immersion heaters are a bit too complex for some people.

Should you be asking ‘Did this happen’ – Yes this really happened and this is no work of fiction.

* the early bird gets the worm – humour ** eg what simon cowell can sell – pop stars having sex with monkeys is ok apparently.

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