J-dramas ahoy

c4487de9413914e08bf08c8016e89dee1437090431_fullIts time for some more japanese drama which is something you occasionally have to endure here. It beats the crap out of the bbc stuff quality wise.

Detective vs Detectives

Is a take on the sherlock thing and interesting.  It has a polarising view of this (my blog).  Although its very dramatic suggests a corruption problem or honour issues as well.

Death Note has a series although i saw that as a film first and that did not impress me as i have never blogged about it until now. My order here as to what came first means this is something i am not bothering with.

Akagi is about ma-jong and since i know absolutely nothing about it other than its a game it is a volume 11 level game with blood and an creepy old man which is probably way different to your average player.  Its quite good despite having no knowledge of the subject.

Ghostwriter continues on a theme of this (my blog) and is something i like.  Not all j drama is good so beware of quality issues.

‘normal’ posting resumes tomorrow. Sayonara

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