Blackout, Connie Willis

soapisbn: 9780575099265 is an author i have heard of but is hard to obtain. A couple of years having past i find one or two books that our sort of easily obtainable.

Which leads to this and despite some extremely boring settings it mixes future with past. Oh the washington post* liked it This is a part one book as well for its issues.

It follows a selection of future historians in the past who for reasons overdo or extend there research in world war two england.  More soap than s/f  with the women better fleshed out than the men.  For historians all three lose displacement and if i was a monkey who awarded phd’s i would fail all three of them.

Expect the mention of stockings billions of times as well as the quest to buy a navy blue skirt its an exciting tale about those and i thoroughly adviseyou to not read this tale about shopping in the 1940’s .

Reminiscence fro old people trumps s/f here 1/5 bananas

* a soap newspaper ?

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