all clear, Connie Willis

stockingsisbn: 9780575099326 is part 2 of this (my blog). So its straight back to lost and misplaced historians in world war two. since the word Stockings* was a word of multiple entries in the first finally it gets a mention on page 269 whew the author have achieved her shopping task 500 or so pages later..

So make sure your wearing a pair of stockings and a skirt while reading this.

However let me also allow you to suffer part two with me as well after all if i should suffer this then so shall you.

timetaxiThis is more or less me going through the motions.  The book moves more into time machine health and safety so its really boring rather than really really boring shopping for items of clothes.  A great example of crap time travel stories.

0/5 pairs of stockings.  an author to avoid.   I suggest that this (my blog) is way better

* then there was also the black skirt

by golly but...

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