things that only 1970’s wonder woman could say and do

wonderwoanWonder Woman from the 1970’s was a tv series derived from a comic that shows the problems that superheroes have.  First up is american flag outfit certainly a comics code issue (my blog).  Its not very international is it.

She is also a feminist which i have no problem with but say a man superhero said women are feeble you see my point.  Then with ms star spangled banner, in disguise she seems meek.

Wonder Womanwonder-woman1The 2010 tv remake that failed apparently went a bit odd as well Additional giggles can be found in the invisible plane but that’s mainstream (my blog). But then the comics code hit clean and nothing immoral thank you for the children’s audience for comics. So somehow 1970’s tv did more adult stuff than anybody else has since.

Anyhow i am no expert on amazon ‘types’ or wonder woman its just on television and not that bad if not a little camp.  It is a tricky task (my blog) to keep these comic things ‘right’.

discoI am sure wonder woman will stop that disco dancing memory thief.  Perhaps it would be better if she did not but you who you are yes you do.

Later seasons reduce the Cheshire cat grins and the shit feminist says is reduced with the day being still saved.

I enjoy it for the giggles and whatever happens in the film you will have to expect that demographics matter meaning apart from a more non us centric ‘outfit’ not much will change.

by golly but...

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