The pseudo intellectual as seen on tv aka the ‘book reader’

hipsterBananas once read a book via the library that many years later was made into a tv series by the bbc* I remember most of the book but it was not brilliant.  Then all of a sudden copies of this are being sold. and the pseudo intellectuals seem to have discovered this book as a topic of conversation.

Words around this book include the usual ‘un-film-able’ which seems to indicate unimaginative people and the rest mind you lazy people abound** (my blog)  in the creative industries.

Anyhow as this book was for me in the dim and distant past these people strike me as as lazy and a teeny weeny bit behind with the times before i even tell them its not proper literature which is clearly something that snobby people need.

* it is genre (my blog) ** have not i seen those things in avatar moments…

by golly but...

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