From cinema to high culture

paddingtonbearThe cinema here in the uk is going through some interesting changes.  Our professor at our zoo reports that his now closed local non art house cinema* has more high culture events than it does super hero films.  Films are still shown but at non peak times, or for the kids at those times.

ballschoolI will not question that some films do make money but in an age of sequels and reboots it seems that cinemas dont like the demographics that Hollywood offers them.  This (my blog) was a cinema hit last year.  Even those oscar type award films dont seem to get a release, or if they do appear to be an afterthought.


not a fat lady

If i was jewish and controlled a film production business in southern california rather than being an ape in london zoo i would be worried.  After all the fat lady did sing and she is coming back.

I don’t care for the record but since cinemas sell time slots like transportation businesses and there are other places to visit then somebody is doing it right and the somebody else is doing it wrong.  Think about it.

* a chain

by golly but...

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