The new library computer interface system – or lets copy amazon.

emptylibraryThe old library online server is not that antiquated but it certainly does not look shiny like amazon. However it is fully functional unlike the stock which may or may not be available.  There bought in ebook system (another computer)  is a bit more modern but suffers from guess if it has drm or not question.  Since i run linux its a bit of a no go as adobe do not make linux software thankfully as they cant still write microsoft software.

The book reserve system is useable despite being a public sector service and joined to other regional libraries . However some idiot decided it had to look more like amazon so what was on several pages is now in one page.quite why is a question for them not me.

It offers suggestions, and fails flat on its face when you have more that one outstanding reservation on your account.  Most of the stuff has been seen before but the inability of more than 1 book on on loan thinking is a step backwards imho – or am i not supposed to use a library after all councils must close libraries.

mehMeh.  Anyhow it appears that i am self propagating the other borrowers also read section in yet another html 5 gallery. So it does not look that mobile phone friendly

Anyhow i suppose its another revolution that amazon helped make the lazy world of book selling a more modern rather than the same ideas that have been with book sellers since the first gutenburg press started up four hundred years ago.

Its not awful but it is not amazon. Its good that there is progress even on libraries. So not all good and not all bad.

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