Heretic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

isbn: 9780082333933 is an author i have read before (my blog) although i have skipped a few of her books.

This is an interesting question as many in the left see radical islam as ok although being a lesbian women’s studies university professional might well be at odds with Daesh reasoning on the other side. Saudi arabia does not have a Synchronized swimming team of any gender

So how do you ‘modernise’ cavemen since as that is racist to leftwing ideals you have to be a native with death threats to point out the situation – death threats included.

Islam is very retarded and this book points out five simple things that might make it modern life tolerant, although with Saudis and Kuwait funding is since there is not a lot different between saudi arabia and Daesh ‘thinking’ the reasoning is there although they might not like it when they turn and attack.


death to bananas

This is a long term project after all islam is parroted by its followers, not aspirational but who knows if blow yourself up things will be brilliant is an odd logic but Ali thinks that it might reform although power corrupts and reform is a threat to all who have power.

5/5 mindless zombies well worth a read

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