Hubcaps, hooks and Frankenstein (or bbq assembly)

The monkey houses bbq (my blog) gets used a lot in the summer and ours is going a bit rusty inside despite storing it not outside in the winter.  The zoo has been looking for a replacement since last year and we finally found one at a good price at the end of August.

It is not the one we thought we would purchase but we are happy with after a few medications and the usual question of the where the hell does that bit go being self assembly.

hubcapAll the bits where in the right box but the wheel hubcaps had us peering at the instructions being that at that stage it looks 100% complete.  The hubcaps are not alloy wheels so i am sure somebody has upgraded* there’s.

hookThen there are two hooks that seemed additional which after a night of thinking about the tribe decided that they are supposed to be used to hang things off.

It was used that evening and the metal plates where a bit wide where our bananas slipped through and the new bbq did not have a thermometer.

bbqmetreSo the old cast iron plates from the old unit get swapped into the new item and the thermometer is removed and placed in the new unit.

The alpha ape is happy.and despite a few wrong wrong turns it was put together in a couple of hours and worked. Humans are good at bitching about assembly so despite our issues with hubcaps we did not not know how that this was supposed to be hard.

north korean wmd bbq?I have instructed the betas to dismantle the old unit then its going to be reincarnated as something else when it gets recycled.


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