bbc mainstream propaganda come ‘documentary’

Bbc three (my blog) is closing and as a very minor interest in stuff that is on mainstream bbc a couple of things caught my brains attention with the final conclusion that bbc three did it better.

ourgirlFirst up for comparison is a drama on mainstream bbc called our girl, it was a bit of advert* for the army, and apparently had some person that i had never heard of from a soap opera in it**.  I guess that the acting talent pool must be the size of a test tube. Anyhow that sort of meant a belated visit here (my blog) , and yes bbc three did it better my blog).

Anyhow ….

lifeondeathrowStaying with the institutional on a slight lesser mainstream channel was a program about american prisons, and the bbc three did it better as well (my blog).

I think the bbc is mad to close bbc three, but when like for like is compared the inside bbc jealousy is clear to be seen and the message subverted.  Lets face facts when non-fiction is better than fiction it takes a certain type of retard to think fiction is better.

I would love to compare other things but cannot as i do not watch mainstream bbc.

* an impression ** i read that

by golly but...

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