‘is it dead’, conversation at the dinner table


milk supplier

Bananas makes a great milkshake (my blog) and i can recommend it and also can perform other more complex feats.  However what i like is not always liked by the other apes here in the monkey house.  This can lead to scheduling issues as it sounds like somebody else is still clubbing to death the plat de jour.

Said at the right time it is quite amusing.  Everything usually stops for the meal of the day rather than us schedule things arround so a fixed time is not ever going to happen although generally it is late by most humans standards,

Even semi prepared food not that we eat a lot of it has the ability to sound as if the thing is still willing to escape.  Schedules also change and good intentions also become meaningless as time shifting means if there was something then it will be caught up on later on,

Is this bad ? no, but then again i am not competing for our attention.  .

by golly but...

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