ipv6 and the chicken and the egg situation

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceBananas would love to have  ipv6 when purely by chance i find out that my isp has it in testing.  So much for them keeping me informed after going for the glossy useless marketing speak of which ipv6 is not glossy and something idiots in pr do not grok – but i have other problems first.

That is being what router(s) as the ones i have only do version 4.  So off i go router shopping, Cisco is compromised and way too expensive for the zoo so when i do a search for ipv6 the results are not helpful or vast

Salvation kind of strikes when that isp from above suggests a model but finding a manual on google is forget it time. Mentions of ipv6 are the best way to describe it.

hardhatIt looks ok and would seem to be able to do stuff but its magic this ipv6 and unless you own a pointy hat it seems its a secret.  I tried speaking the magic word which is ‘abracadabra’ but no pigeons flew out of my missing hat either*.

I love to but there’s a damm lack of choice of these ipv6 capable things out there and i am not prepared to guess things.  I dont mind changing things but i would like to know a bit more via a user manual before i go down that route it has taken me five years to like a printer** i own and if am honest that’s not a great place to be.

Anyhow i am not doing it or telling the idiots in pr at our isp about this so keep this under your hat, should pigeons fly out of it, can you tell me in comments.  Thank you

So next you read yet another article from a clueless journalist about how slow ipv6 is in being taken up please blame somebody else.

*this is called humour. **whether i mellowed is a question

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