Greekonomics,Vicky Pryce

monwashisbn: 9781849544009 is by an author i have read before (my blog) and unless you have been living in a cave you might know that greece has been in the news.

Published in 2012 it may not be totally up to date but blame here is attributed to waste with politicians and corrupt civil servants doing well ever since 1945 and nepotism helps, so the party had to end at some point.

Have you eaten* ‘greek style yoghurt’ ? There’s another hint that it is not greek.  The remainder of the book is mired in what might happen and the evaluation of sovereign debt in a euro world by investors which is either a gamble like the breaking of the erm mechanism by George Soros, or a sound idea.

1/5 bananas a bit out of date for 2015

* no we have not

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