Authors who got screwed by Hollywood

Your citroen It needs new ice skates

Your citroen It needs new ice skates

The brand is detrimental to Holywood, so let us hope that the most recent toy product* is still popular in twenty five years time.  Although the advertising industry realized the concept long before those ‘arty’ hollywood types did.  Lazy is an word that might describe them better.

Anyhow once a authors brand creation has made it (my blog) in a film or tv format that means it is a proven product despite it not making money in the hollywood accounting fraud (my blog).

I understand why this chap (my blog) hates films.

It had a couple of big name stars in, it copied the graphics of the thing that made it ok for hollywood, and looked very cgi where even i thought should there not also be cgi in that camera shot.

Of interest here is Philip Pullman and the film gravity which is is based on a intellectual property licensed and then stolen of which i will write more on one day

* both father and son

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