Back to the exciting topic of sausage skins

sausage-v.SMYes the exciting world of sausages (my blog) is back today after all its an important topic that all beauty contestants worry about* after world peace, and baton twirling but not sausages this proves how stupid your beauty contestant is.

So having confirmed my hypothesis that hot sausage skins taste like plastic through some unscientific consensus, but are ok cold Professor and his team of female vets** went to a bbq and had German sausages that where edible hot.  They came from Lidl.  So Professor went on an expedition and got us apes some.

I do hope that the british pork sausage is not fucked up but some rule that german ones dont have to follow from the european community – the label says natural and they are edible hot as well as cold.

Lidl is supposed to be ‘cheap and nasty’ but there german sausages are rather good, i fear for the british banger with its plastic wrapping as produced now.

* joke ** men vets are too ugly for tv companies.

by golly but...

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