The missing subtitles on freeview

picardOne evening while i was watching newly discovered star trek (my blog) on one of those vague channels and i pressed the subtitles button by mistake on the tv remote but there where none.

That surprised me after all it seems as if there two sets of rules one for the bbc/itv and another for the sky (my blog).  I wonder how that got past the disabled lobby who hate the bbc when things go wrong when there tea has sugar in (my blog) i guess some kind of bribe get passed to them.

2 responses

  1. Most subtitle files are text consisting of time and a comment say

    12;05 Monkey looks at a zoo guest
    12.06 Professor arrives and a banana is exhanged

    The hardest part is selecting the .sub to the video in say vlc. The rest of that is a media preparation topic.

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