Clothing Poverty,Andrew Brooks and contributors

hipsterisbn: 9781783600670 is a book about clothes of whom Mary Portas (my blog) is guilty of many crimes.

The first chapter deals with jeans from cotton to production, and the aftermarkets and Karl Marx gets the odd mention.  Its informative and globalised.

The authors make a leap too far with banana prices trying to link prices to free markets rather than colonial quotas of which the wto and americans did not like so i am not sure what the authors consider worse. Quite how bananas and cotton are related in prices could be a problem can also be said to affect northern farmers as well as southern* farmers in all markets.

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov who owns a football club

The author also barely mentions Uzbekistan (my blog) which  might have something to do Tony Blair being friendly with the local oligarch after all everything is great there with film stars picking cotton for there billionaire ruler (rare bbc ‘news’).  Being pro worker is another problem after all if even the Chinese can be accused of being colonial and that bosses are bad even the communist ones is a point made at page 140 although it feels an admission of failure being those lot are doing it as well.

Movement from manufacturers and retailers in recycling is also criticised despite the damage charity operations do in developing countries.  The economics interest the author more but its a thoughtful book despite a hint of regret about how things work and who is doing them be they sjw’s or right minded thinkers..

4/5 bananas. * south means hot, where north is cold not the border at watford (humour)

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