That ‘open source’ Belkin router from a couple of years ago that was not.

ddwrtA couple of years ago linksys announced a replacement for the WRT54G however then Belkin bought linksys and the announced price of this thing was silly and also with early buyers reported that the hardware needed to be the software belkin version since no specs on the router where announced so half the features did not or crashed.

linksys is now a brand name, and not a once provider of ok kit.

I avoided this incompatible collection of bits and in fact totally forgot about it until several years later when the open source nature was again touted by the pr folks at belkin who probably have a warehouse full of these items which oddly are not moving like hot cakes.

Then i read that its still not open source yet with a new model number invented by the pr types but it might be a couple of years time, i think im sticking with our old router.  I will probably forget about this item again  and the next time i go router shopping (my blog) will think that a Belkin router is not the way to go.

I did read that the old unit can be made to run ipv6 which is tempting.

Note i did not tell you the new router number but the old version of the router that is open and running ddwrt has been working straight for 56 days when i wrote this from the zoo and since power cuts are rare that indicator will only increase as to the old units quality.

by golly but...

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