The angry green thing


Brown bread?

In the topic of children’s comics (my blog) it is now time to take a look at the Hulk who might a gay wrestler type except that theres not a lot except teaching moments in this sub par ‘hero’ who not even hollywood can redeem it or the vision  lets face facts when you dump edward norton (my blog) your deep in problems.

In the 1970’s a television series co acted by steroid junkie and an actor and it varies greatly.  Most people want to see scenery chewing by the green bloke on steroids, the actor who gets pissed off by the various social injustices of the time is a damm slow learner and there is the teachable thing for the kiddies.

The science also varies between radiation and genetics in the proceeding decades, but the ability to grow a new leg or something would be really cool.

I did not pay to see these in a cinema, and the television series can be found on a television if your so inclined,i am not queuing for a ticket.

As to the opportunities there’s always a reboot but its a limited audience after all there is little coherence to the dual personality when there is no matching intelligence no wonder the ensemble super hero thing coming soon  is desperately needed .

by golly but...

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