Clueless browser sniffing

Bananas thinks adblock is a good idea, after all if you sell things why not use it as a way to infect computers too, if your a salesman your there to get money, not on the ethics of the sale.  In effect we all in a market for infection via flash whom the average advertising distributor (including yahoo) sees as not there problem, your not supposed to notice but fix at your own cost.

Then there is the bandwidth angle* (my blog) of whom your telecoms company (my blog) hates you and then calls you a bandwidth hog for stuff even though most of that is what the site requested and not what you wanted.

Not all ads are bad since i do not live in a utopia i will stick with adblock.


So whats wrong with this ? yes i have adblock on but i disabled adblock from working so the logic is bunk.  I think i will turn it on again


*not maths

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by golly but...

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